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Calipari surprises everyone at postgame press conference


After Kentucky’s victory over UT Martin Friday night Coach Cal shocked all those in attendance at the post game press conference.   The press conference started as normal, with Coach going over talking points of the game then he started taking questions.  But then it happened.  The third question came from long time Kentucky press member Alan Cutler.

Cutler asked a seeming meaningless question about how Coach thought the team play could carry them into the next few games.  Calipari actually answered the exact question he was asked.  An audible gasp was heard in the press room.

When asked for comment TJ Beisner, KSTV, seemed in disbelief “I’ve been doing this for over 6 years now, and I’ve never head Cal answer the question directly.”  Beisner got the next question after Cutler’s, but Cal was back in normal form talking about something only slightly relevant to the question asked.  When Beisner asked he’s follow-up question, Cal respond with a question of his own asking “Do you know who took the fourth most shots on the team on the 2012?”


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