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Disc, wooden trampolines, and mayo….

Weapons of Mass destruction.

Weapons of Mass destruction.


So, I finally got around to playing some Frisbee disc golf.  I didn’t have any Frisbee disc until a few hours before playing.  Not really knowing anything about disc, I went to the only logical place one would get disc, Meijer.  I got an  Innova Cobra and an Innova Pro BOSS.  I figured with Boss in the name of the disc I couldn’t lose.  I figured wrong.

It may have been the fact I had never played, or the fact I’m naturally horrible.  But I do know that not really knowing what all the numbers mean on the disc didn’t help my cause.  I’m sure Innova makes a great product, but the user should be just a touch smarter than the plastic they are trying to throw.  I stopped throwing the Boss halfway through the round, otherwise my arm would have fell off before we got done.  It’s also a good thing we didn’t have too much money on the match, more on that later.  The fact that two of our foursome had played and are very good did help.  I may be able to throw like this one day, with the help of some hurricane force winds.

It was fun and I would like to try it again sometime, and  I will take any suggestions on which disc that are good for beginners.  I’m sure I will need a new disc soon, because I got lucky not to lose any that first day.  I did spend plenty of time in the woods looking for my disc, along with the help of the other 3 guys. 2 of the 3 hours we played were spent in the woods ‘disc hunting’.

Luckily I did learn a few things on my first outing.

  • Throwing Frisbee in the back yard, does NOT translate to playing disc golf.  At least not until your close to the pin.
  • Wooden trampolines are fun!(see below)


Because we are guys and you can’t just play a game without keeping score, sorry we are not politically correct.  We  decided to make a small wager. The losing team would have to buy the winners Cherry Limeades from Sonic.  The bad part for me and my teammate was the search in the woods for my disc had pushed us past happy hour.  The drinks were great as always.  But then one of the foursome ordered something a touch crazy.  Foot long coney with chili and mayo.  I don’t really have anything against mayo, but on a hot dog it  just seems wrong.  The dog appeared and was unwrapped.  The picture below is what the dog looked like, with the proud owner.  I will call him Joe, to protect his identity.


Mayo with a side of dog.

Mayo with a side of dog.

Dog with out Mayo
Dog with out Mayo


So the question is this.  What is the one thing you eat and like that everyone else thinks is horrid?  Comment Below.





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